Hey there! I'm Shelby Vertes, the youth consultant, and I'm the creator of the newest hit cereal, Rye Loops
Rye Loops is a fantastic new cereal made just for kids. It's a great new cereal that's not only healthy and delicious for your beloved children, but also a cereal that you're child will have a great time eating! It teaches kids about this wonderful book, The Catcher in the Rye, by incorporating the novels symbols into the cereal. 


Each different symbol in the book is shaped into a different marshmellow. These marshmellows include:
The ducks in the pond: The ducks symbolize Holden's youthful side, and how he is still a young teenager at heart, instead of an adult. It also symbolizes how Holden is scared of change and disappearance. The ducks in the pond disappear every winter, but return again in the spring. They show that change is not actually permanent. The pond is frozen during the winter, and unfrozen during the rest of the year. This shows that it goes through two different transitioning states. This symbolizes that Holden also has to transition from childhood into adulthood. 
Holden's red hunting hat: His hat symbolizes his childhood. The color represents the fact that both his siter, Phoebe, and his brother, Allie, had red hair. The hat also symbolizes Holden's individualism and uniqueness. He is not like all the other boys and is very different. However, even though he loves his hunting hat, he would never dare wear it in public where people would be able 
The carrousel: The carrousel represents how Holden needs to move on from his childhood and move on to adulthood. He has to move on from his disappointin gand tragic past, no matter how painful it is, and move forwards into the present/future and accept his life for what it is. 
The Museum of Natural History: The museum symbolizes change. It never changes, however Holden is constantly changing. Holden does not like change, and would prefere to just stay in the museum where everything stays the same. 

A Bit More Info...

On the one side of the cereal box, we've included all of the following symbols/marshmellows with their meanings. 
Along with that, we've included a fun word search on the back of the box to educate the children about the marvelous novel, and also have fun while doing it! 
So, what are you waiting for? Go out and buy a box of Rye Loops! You and your children will not be dissappointed!


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