Hello, my name is Ray Jones and I am the sports manager for The Catcher Club. I am currently working on launching my newest sports drink, Elimination. Our new sports drink is refreshing and hydrating. If you want to get rid of your past, then drink Elimination. This drink will help everyone in rough situations by giving an extra boost of energy depending on the situation. If you are dealing with issues on the field or in life, drink Elimination! 


Why drink Elimination?
Elimination is our newest drink. It will help you escape from your past and start life afresh. It can help everyone in any conflict. The X not only symbolizes cancelling the past and moving on but also cancelling out sweat, soreness and pain. The hat symbolizes starting life afresh, just like Holden Caulfield of New York. There are also many other flavors that you will enjoy!


Lemon Lime - If you are ever in a situation of lying or if you just lied to someone minutes ago, drink this flavor and you will be able to go back to that same person and explain to that person what happen and why you lied. If you had not lied already, but are on the verge of it, then drink this flavor and afterward you will be able to forget about the lie you are about to say and tell the truth. Holden had some lying issues. He lied to a significant amount of people. He should drink this and maybe he would not lie so much. 


Studyberry- If you are like Holden and you are getting bad grades due to laziness or the fact that you just are not able to study then drink this flavor. This flavor will give you the energy to overcome the laziness and get to the books. If you get tired while reading the books then drink this flavor too. This drink is like red bull, it will get you through your homework. Just bring your books to study and drink will do the rest.


Fruit PUNCH- Holden was also the type that was not tough enough. If you are like Holden or if you are playing a sport like football and can not run through those tackles. Then drink this flavor and it will give you the energy to squeeze through those tackles and will help you to be tough.