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Pharmb830 | 07/23/2014

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Pharmf364 | 07/23/2014

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Smithk363 | 07/22/2014

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♥ G i r l 20 ♥ | 12/02/2012

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Scott | 03/24/2011

*Shout Out* Thanks to everybody who supported our project these past days. We promise to WOW everybody at our presentation and EARN ourselves a Prize worth grade!


Divya | 03/23/2011

Wow, you guys worked really hard on the project!

Re: Wow

Romi | 03/23/2011

yup (:

the book

Nagma | 03/23/2011

Yeah I read that book too and I had to do the same project! Wow, you guys worked really hard on this project, it looks great though!

The Catcher in the Rye

Poonam | 03/23/2011

I read that book and I thought it was great! The site looks amazing!

Re: The Catcher in the Rye

Romi | 03/23/2011

lol. Thanks a lot, we worked hard on this project (:

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