How's it going?!  I'm Scott Cheng and I am the Game Designer for The Catcher Club.  Creating games that are enjoyable and educational is a difficult task, but it is my job and I have created it!  It is called, Decisions equal Fate (Decisions = Fate), and it shows many of the situations that were described in the book that is mostly like a self adventure test.  Anyone that plays Decision = Fate will understand the life of Holden as a child, and also understand more about himself/herself.  The player will have to make many different, ethhical, and personal decions that unfold the future of player in numerous ways and along the way, he/she will correct and repent any immoral decisons made.


This game is rated: T for Teen

Game Title:  Decisions = Fate



             Modeled from the Famous book by J.D Salinger, The Catcher In The Rye, Decisions = Fates is a stationary RPG type Game where the player faces many experiences that Holden Caulfield (protagonists of  the story) went though and follows a series of challenges and decisions to make.  With the many different choices to make and experiences to witness, there will surely be many different outcomes, consequences, and absolute fate.  This is only a game; it is too late to change the future to come.


The Lesson

            For teens, the game teaches many aspects of life and the realistic impact of their choices through graphical and theoretical simulation.  With the many different outcomes, teens make whatever decision and do how well in the game shapes the future and fate of their character. Many of the things Holden did shaped his life, even in the beginning of his past changed his decision making and marked his loss of innocence.  This game is strictly rated for teens because of the content.   The Catcher In The Rye portraying Holden's loss of innocence contains contents unsuitible for the youth and children. Holden had his mind in the past and from that he became a smoker, an alcoholic, and a sexual wanderer.  He was a lost soul in society that wanted to belong and figure out himself.  Teens around this age are normally clueless of the real world.  They do not know what to do in the future or how to figure problems out.  It all takes time and maturity, and that is what this game teaches and supports.


 The Purpose        

              The purpose of this game is to teach reality to teens.  Teens must move on, grow up, and be responsible, and be healthy.  In this sense, they would not lose innocence from doing drugs or falling for sexual temptation as Holden had done.  Holden is the model that teens shouldn’t be, but to learn from to better themselves.   This game has its players making critical decisons that impact their life mentally and physically.  The realistic graphic animation shows the consequences and effects of their choices. These are ment to shock and instantly make the players want to be better in life and learn from mistakes.  In this game, the only victims of bad choices and negative actions are all those around and yourself.  This game’s purpose is to rectify that.  A special function in this game is the ability to return to a past, saved, critical decision point where the player may make a different decision. With that, the players are able to witness the Good side of life and a brighter future.