The Catcher Club


Welcome! The Catcher Club is an organization dedicated to promoting the wonderful Catcher in the Rye. The Catcher in the Rye is a novel that portrays Holden Caulfield as he struggles to transition into adulthood. Holden feels alienated by society as he tries to search for his separate identity. In addition, he struggles to interact with people around him. Through various symbols and aspects from his childhood, Holden is finally able to overcome his fears and accept help as he realizes that he cannot stop the changes occurring to him. Our branches appeal to many different groups of people. Our scholars group appeals to older teens interested in attending Pencey Prep and its excellent literary program. Our travel history group advertises The Carrousel Travel Agency, a tour company that will take tourists to the areas that Holden visited. The Youth group is currently promoting it new cereal brand, the Rye Loops. Our sports section is also promotings it newest energizing drink, the Elimination. In addition, our entertainment section is unveiling its newest video game portraying Holden's life. We are proud to be working together!

Our users

Our group is fun for everyone. It provides countless opportunities for people. We also have a group on facebook! Don't be afraid to join!


The Catcher Club

History of project

Our group was created by the several individuals dedicated to encourage others to read the novel.
Romi Patel
Joey Rea
Shelby Vertes
Scott Cheng
Raymond Jones